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Welcome to PC Guides at GeniusProphecy.com! Here you'll find lots of information regarding how to make your computer life easier. For example, we will discuss how to protect your computer against viruses and spyware.

10 Useful Programs for Your PC 2008 - Program suggestions to make your life easier

10 Useful Programs for Your PC 2009 - The 10 Recommendations from 2009

Converting Word to PDF - How to transfer information from a word document into a PDF file with ease

Easy Internet Security - Keep your computer secure

Free Images - A collection of free images for non-commercial use

Free Solutions for Computer Safety - Essential programs to protect your PC

Guide to Free Games (Downloadable) - The best games to download that are 100% free.

Guide to Free Online Games - Got some time to kill? Here are some free online games.

How to Create a Website - A comprehensive guide to creating websites

How to Record Audio - Would you like to record your own audio in mp3 files?

Keyboard Shortcuts - Learn how to navigate faster and other interesting keyboard nuances

PC Security for Beginners - Protect your computer the easy way!

Redirect Script - Would you like to know how to redirect pages? Here's a script.

Remove viruses from your computer - A step-by-step guide on removing viruses

Search Engine Statistics - Learn which is the most popular search engine

Speed Up Your Computer - Speed up your computer to its former glory

Top 5 Free Software Picks for 2010 - Which software should you get a hold of? NEW



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