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How to Create a Website


This is a free guide to creating a website. I will try to steer you away from the early pitfalls and traps that often burden new people taking up the challenge of creating a website. Follow this guide and you will soon be on your way in creating a great website.

Part 1

1. Select a Domain Name

Please note that if you are going to choose a free website (see step 2), this step can be skipped for now. This step is fairly straightforward, although it may take varying amounts of time. Simply think of a name for your website, as in www.yoursite.com. Almost all webmasters should choose to use a .com extension, because this is the most widely accepted extension. This step will cost you a couple of US dollars a year. You can register a domain name at GoDaddy, WebsitePalace or your web host.

2. Find a Web Host

Every website needs a web host. This is the company which hosts all the files for your website. Choosing the right web host now can mean less headaches later on. Different web hosts cater for certain needs. My web host is HostGator. I'm on the "Baby plan", which has been working like a breeze. Yahoo! GeoCities, which I was previously with, was an excellent free webhosting service, but has been shut down now.

For websites, there are paid and free plans available. I strongly recommend getting a paid website, as a free website cannot complete the next few steps properly. If you would like to create a free personal website (note that only "personal" is recommended, not business), click here to see my guide on creating a free website. If you would like to create pretty much anything other than a personal website, you should choose a paid option. Most options cost a couple of US dollars a month. Click here for suggestions on which paid website to choose.

3. Create your Website

This could be considered the fun part. It's time to build your pages. You can do this yourself by using software like Microsoft Frontpage (which is what I used to create this site), CoffeeCup or Dreamweaver. In addition, many web hosts also provide tools for you to create your pages.

Visit 2CreateAWebSite.com

This is an excellent website which caters for beginners creating websites. It guides them easily through the early processes in setting up your website and it greatly expands on the steps I have here. I used this website a lot when I first started my website. Click here to access 2CreateAWebSite.com.

Part 2

4. Technical Stuff

What am I going to do if someone steals my work? Copyright protection is important so people do not copy your pages. Click here to read about copyright services.

Would you like to build an online store? Information products are hassle-free and are great to sell compared to hard goods. Click here to find out what kind of products you should create.

How do I accept payments? Read more about great services like PayPal. Click here to learn about shopping cart services and other ways of accepting money.

5. Getting Traffic

This next step is vital if you want your website to be successful. For any website to stay alive, you need traffic. Most websites probably get most of their visitors from search engine traffic. Click here to find out how to attract more traffic.

6. Making Money

Do you hate spending money to maintain a website? There are many ways of making money with your websites, including selling products, targeted advertising and affiliate programs. Click here to learn more about how to make money with your website.



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